Unleash the power of the "V" to optimize HVAC systems performance, save energy and improve Indoor Air Quality

Altru-V products from UVDI are revolutionizing industry thinking about supplying building occupants with clean air at lower cost. By applying real science to optimize the power of UV-C energy, Altru-V products provide customers with cutting edge technology for coil maintenance and air stream disinfection while improving system operating performance and saving energy. The bottom line is lower HVAC system operating cost, lower maintenance cost, and a better environment for everyone.

Why Altru-V?

Because we know UV.  For over 70 years, UVDI and it's predecessor company have studied, tested, designed and engineered UV systems for water, air and surface disinfection. Altru-V products are engineered utilizing the industries only third party validated germicidal irradiation computer modeling software program in use today.

Altru-V products are subject to extensive testing and validation before introduction to the market. UVDI has the industry leading laboratory facilities and equipment to test components and assemblies including multiple environmental test chambers, extensive reliability test facilities, simulated HVAC systems, material degradation test cells and EMI testing chambers.

All Altru-V products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in accordance with UVDI's Quality Management System which is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard. 

Altru-V products are engineered to comply with the stringent regulatory requirements of UL or ETL.

Today, UVDI continues to drive innovation in UV technology. UVDI has assembled one of the world's most capable research and development teams dedicated to the advancement of UV technology for the benefit of people and industry everywhere.


UVDI’s Environmental Management System is also certified to the ISO 14001:2004 standard.

We see this as an extension of our commitment to operating in an environmentally responsible manner, where we effectively manage and continually improve our processes and impacts to the environment.


"V" The Virtues of Cleaner Air

Damp and dark HVAC systems are the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Each time the HVAC system runs, these contaminants and airborne pathogens are circulated throughout the entire building. Research has shown that building occupants exposed to such contaminants can develop health issues including sinus congestion, headaches, allergies, asthma, upper respiratory ailments, colds and flu. According to the World Health Organization, health problems caused by airborne contaminants account for a substantial portion of absences form school and work and can lead to lower productivity. Altru-V products from UVDI continuously destroy contaminants in the HVAC system, protecting building occupants and improving quality of life.

"V" Saves Valuable Money

Altru-V products are cost effective. A typical installation will pay for itself in less than one year through energy and maintenance savings. After installation, Altru-V lamps continuously destroy mold and bacteria contaminants in the HVAC equipment. This results in maximum heat transfer across the coil and improved airflow. The system performs to original specification and optimum energy efficiency. Additionally, Altru-V products eliminate the need for costly and environmentally damaging chemical cleaning of the coils. Altru-V is the next generation of UV products from UVDI.