Our Core Values

Every employee is essential to the success of UVDI

Every single position at UVDI supports our mission to make a cleaner, safer and healthier world.
UVDI can only succeed in our mission if we operate based on our core values.  What are those values?

High Performance

Working together to excel in individual and team performance.

Individual Respect

Honoring differences, showing kindness, being respectful, and recognizing value.

Honesty and Integrity

Consistently demonstrating the highest levels of honesty and integrity.

Customer Confidence

Taking pride in producing results that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Quality & Environmental Policy

Dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer's expectations with minimal environmental impact.

Technological Leadership

Providing innovative technology dedicated to promoting industry recognition and enhancing customer profitability.

Community Participation

Providing leadership and resources to support community based organizations.

These core values are the building blocks of the culture UVDI established in 1992.  They are the values we take great pride in and the values that push us to do outstanding work.

If you have demonstrated your ability to thrive in a collaborative, team culture and are looking for abundant opportunities to succeed, please e-mail your resume with the position in the subject line to HR@uvdi.com or fax it to Human Resources at (661) 257-4697.