Protecting Human Health,
Cleaning the Environment, Improving Air Quality

Sparks Technology has been researching, testing and developing activated carbon filtration systems and other advanced molecular filtration media since 1984.  Beginning as a manufacturer of activated carbon filters to improve air quality in commercial buildings, Sparks Technology subsequently developed molecular filtration solutions for elimination of target vapor phase contaminants, pollution control, and volatile organic compound or VOC removal from airstreams.nbsp; Today, Sparks Technology advanced carbon filtration systems are used in many diverse industries including healthcare, commercial cooking, airport infrastructure, chemical processing, food processing and recycling.

With continued growth in sophistication of manufacturing processes and life sciences, molecular filtration has become a critical element to successful performance and preservation of health and safety.  UVDI understands the issues businesses face when confronted with air or liquid contaminant control problems.  Our customers benefit from UVDI’s unique approach of integrating advanced technology with engineered systems to offer an effective Sparks Technology solution.

Why choose Sparks Technology?

Proprietary BPS - Bonded Particulate Structure technology.

Sparks Technology BPS filters are manufactured from exceptionally high quality bonded carbon media.  This proprietary process entails binding carbon adsorbent into a monolithic structure or onto a substrate while maintaining a superior level of open pore structure.  Sparks Technology offers standard size filters as well as custom manufactured products.

Customized Solutions – for the proper selection of media and systems.

Whether your needs are vapor phase or liquid phase, Sparks Technology can develop, test and supply the right media and equipment to solve your problem.  Our technical staff will identify the most cost effective solution for your specific requirement.

Specialty Media

Sparks Technology has a complete line of impregnated carbons for removal of acid gases, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, ammonia, formaldehyde, and VOCs.

Testing and development.

Sparks Technology products are subject to extensive testing and validation before introduction to the market.  UVDI has the industry leading laboratory facilities and equipment for product testing including multiple environmental test chambers, extensive reliability test facilities, laboratory HVAC equipment and carbon product adsorption capacity analysis.


Manufacturing excellence

Sparks Technology products are manufactured to the highest quality standards according to UVDI’s ISO 9001:2008 certification.

UVDI continues to drive innovation in molecular filtration technology

UVDI has assembled one of the world’s most capable research and development teams dedicated to the advancement of molecular filtration technology for the benefit of people and industry everywhere.