Where UV is Used

  • Municipal Drinking Water for the city of Seattle (completed).
  • Municipal Drinking Water plant in Vancouver.
  • Multi million units of consumer drinking water disinfection appliance sold worldwide.
  • Numerous drinking water and waste water plants in China.
  • Several Drinking Water Plants in Australia.
  • Beverage processing (breweries and soft drinks).


  • Approximately 4000 municipal drinking water plants in Europe (primarily Germany and Austria).
  • Over 1000 waste water treatment plants in the US and Canada.
  • One of the largest under construction. 2.2 billion gallon/day municipal drinking water installation (multiple plants) for the City of New York.
  • Fish hatcheries.
  • Fresh water and salt water aquariums and ponds.
  • Ultra-pure water treatment for the electronics industry.
  • Treatment of reclaimed water (primarily agricultural).
  • Treatment of water for use in dentistry to eliminate bacteria and bio-films in irrigation lines.
  • Treatment of water in RO systems to remove bacteria and prolong the life of RO membranes.