The UVDI Family of Products


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The V-MOD  is a modular and cost effective HVAC coil maintanance tool. A typical installation of the V-MOD can pay for itself in less than one year through energy and maintenance savings. When installed, the lamps destroy contaminants in the HVAC system including molds and bacteria and maintains the system to virtually original specifications making it an extremely versatile UV-C system. The system delivers better energy savings through improved system efficiency. This results from increased heat transfer in terms of net cooling and heating capacities and improves air flow.

In addition, UVC's continuous cleaning significantly reduces the need for costly mechanical or chemical cleaning programs and each lamp costs only pennies per day to operate. Among UV-C/UVGI products, the ALTRU-V series provides the lowest lifecycle cost, while offering lamps with the highest output retention in the industry. With advanced engineering technology and design and manufactured using only the best ultraviolet lamps on the market the V-MOD is simply the most efficient HVAC coil cleaning product there is.



  • Doubles as a "side access" fixturing system in addition to its traditional "built-up" bank arrangement.
  • Maintains AHU capacity to optimal operating condition with near original equipment capacities.
  • Lowers energy costs for most systems.
  • Reduces costly maintenance and cleaning programs.
  • With short payback periods, the V-MOD  has one of the lowest ownership costs in the industry.
  • Improves indoor air quality by destroying surface microbes including cold, flu, and other viruses.
  • UV has proven effective on Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB), Legionella pneumophila (Legionnaire's disease), and other infectious bacteria.
  • Produces no ozone, gases, or other noxious fumes - will not harm building occupants, equipment or furnishings.

UVC Lamp and fixture are factory assembled and tested. They consist of a housing, power source, lamp sockets and a UV lamp. All components are constructed to withstand typical HVAC environments. They are UL/C-UL Listed under category Code ABQK (Accessories, Air Duct Mounted), UL Standards: 153, 1598 and 1995.

Housing is constructed of type 304 stainless steel and is equipped with both male and female power plugs--one type at each to facilitate simple fixture to fixture plug in for A/C power. Fixtures may be used as built-up or as side access. Each fixture incorporates all components into one integral assembly that maximizes serviceability. Fixtures are designed to be mounted anywhere in a HVAC system.

Power Source is an electronic, high frequency, rapid-type with overload protection. It's available in 120V and 240V and is designed to maximize radiance and reliability at UL/C-UL Listed temperatures of 55 135° F. It includes exclusive RF and EMI suppression.

Sockets are medium bi-pin, single click safety, twist lock type. They are constructed of a UV-C resistant polycarbonate.

UV Lamps are a normal-output, hot cathode, T8 diameter, medium bi-pin type that produces UVGI of 254 nm. Each lamp produces the specified output at 500 fpm and air temperature of 55-135° F.

Independent Testing:

ALTRU-V systems have been independently tested to verify conformance to UL/C-UL Listed under category Code ABQK (Accessories, Air Duct Mounted), UL Standdards: 153, 1598 and 1995.