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BPS Lite

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BPS LITE High Performance-Low Mass (HPLM) activated carbon filter is designed to efficiently remove a wide range of odors and common air pollutants at an economical initial installation cost. The high performance activated carbon has been optimized in both particle size and function to deliver top performance with minimal mass.  The BPS LITE filter is suitable for use in commercial HVAC applications.

The BPS LITE filter is ideally suited for use where intermittent, low concentration ambient air contaminants exist and an extended filter life is desired.  The filters are well suited for use in air make-up and recirculation systems in office buildings, hospitals, airports and schools.

With low pressure drop, wide ranging utility and particulate filtration capabilities, this odor removal filter is one of the most versatile economical filters on the market today.

Utilizing a patented bonding technique, the carbon maintains its high adsorptive properties that exhibits several advantages over alternative light weight filters such as carbon slurry or glue covered particles.  

  • Improve indoor air quality via effective removal of odorous and irritating gaseous contaminants
  • Disposable, easy to use; low service cost
  • Economical & effective gas phase filtration 
  • High quality, high performance activated carbon & permanganate oxidant
  • Clean - no dusting or carbon fines
  • Versatile–available in all standard filter sizes. Custom sizes easily accommodated
  • Excellent gas phase polishing filter for high efficiency applications
  • Uses proprietary BPS Technology
  • Dual phase filtration–gas & particulate


Filter Type: Disposable Granular Activated Carbon Pad filter.

General Description: Gas phase filter specified for installation shall be model BPS LITE as manufactured by UVDI.

Construction: The filter shall be constructed of a non-woven media to which virgin sorbent particles of 20 x 50 US mesh are point bonded to the fiber without coating the sorbent particle with adhesive. This media shall be constructed in such a way so as to provide an essentially dust free operation. The filter shall have a pre– and post particulate filter. The frame shall be of rigid fiberboard construction. A sealant shall be used to adhere the media to the frame to prevent any bypass of contaminated air.

Performance:  The activated carbon shall have a minimum activity of 60% CTC per the ASTM-D- 3467 test method. The binder shall not decrease the pore volume by more than 2% as measured by BET.

A one (1”) nominal filter shall contain no less than 200 grams per square foot of virgin sorbent on average and a two (2”) nominal filter no less than 500 grams per square foot on average based upon 31 lbs. cubic foot on average.

The filters are packages in protective plastic bags and corrugated carton to prevent possible damage during transport.