The UVDI Family of Products

Altru-V Accessories

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UVDI recommends that all access panels/doors within view of UVC fixtures be “interlocked” with a safety switch. The power should be brought through a safety switch and then to the fixtures. When the panel/door is accessed, the lights will automatically turn off.



A radiometer is generally used to monitor the output of a UVGI system. It measures the UV intensity produce by UV lamps. The Fixed Radiometer is a type of radiometer designed to indicate relative UV output. It is calibrated (i.e. set) to “100%” when the lamps are new and operating under normal air conditioning system operation. As the life of the lamps progresses, or if an unusual event such as a burned out lamp occurs, the relative UV output will show significantly lower.



The V-Mod Modular Coil Irradiator is one of the most unique new products in the HVACR markets due to its installation versatility. The beauty of the V-Mod system is its patented side access track mounted system which provides an easy installation for the otherwise troublesome mounting of UV fixtures in air handlers that allow limited or no access to the downstream side of the coil. The V-Mod Access Door allows ease of installation and ease of annual maintenance.