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V-Ray Grid®

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The V-RAY GRID™ mechanical support system consists of vertical supports and mounting hardware that can be easily adjusted for duct or plenum height. Snap-in lamp mounting clips can be inserted into knock-out holes within the vertical supports.

The V-RAY GRID™ product line consists of lamp modules with nominal lengths of 21 in., 33 in. and 61 in. Multiple rows of lamp combinations can be mounted horizontally to cover any width duct or plenum (where each lamp is powered by its own ballast). Ballasts can be conveniently mounted within the vertical support strut, or externally (to the HVAC duct) with an optional 10 ft. lamp power lead. A flexible conduit houses the lamp power leads between the lamp and the vertical support.

By selecting the appropriate quantity and arrangement of lamps, the V-RAY GRID™ system provides effective evaporator coil disinfection resulting in improved heat transfer, reduced maintenance cost and improved indoor air quality.

• Telescoping support struts for UV lamp attachment expand to duct height for ease of installation
• Power ballast is designed to mount conveniently inside support strut
• “Snap in” lamp mounting clips insert easily into holes provided in support strut
• Flexible conduit protects electrical power leads
• System is ETL listed to UL standards and complies with requirements for UL ABQK category for commercial air duct mounted accessories

21” V RAY GRID Lamp Module: 120 VAC .26 A 240 VAC .1 A

33” V RAY GRID Lamp Module: 120 VAC .38 A 240 VAC .14 A

61” V RAY GRID Lamp Module: 120 VAC .69 A 240 VAC .23 A

Rated for temperature 30F to 150 F (4C to 57C)

RH: up to 95% non condensing

Regulatory approvals:

ETL listed to UL/Canadian standards:

UL 1598/CSA 22.2 250
UL 1995/CSA 22.2 236
UL 153/CSA 22.2 12 for category ABQK (Air Duct Mounted Accessories)