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According to the EPA, poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is one of the most urgent environmental risks to public health today. The majority of Americans spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors (CDC) and IAQ directly impacts building occupant health. People frequently report building-related health symptoms and illnesses related to poor IAQ.

The Solution: V-PAC™ Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) Air Cleaner

Highly effective air contaminant removal combining UV-C and TiO2 creating powerful hydroxyl radicals.

The V-PAC system utilizes a UV lamp and a titanium dioxide photo catalyst to create oxidants that destroy gaseous contaminants. When the photo catalyst is irradiated with UV light of a certain wavelength (254-365 nm), a photochemical reaction takes place and this reaction, called photo catalytic oxidation (PCO), converts organic pollutants into carbon dioxide and water. Pollutants, particularly VOCs, are preferentially adsorbed on a catalyst surface and oxidized in this process.

A typical V-PAC system consists of TiO2 panels, UV lights and a carbon filter installed in an air handler or air duct.


 UVDI’s V-PAC Air Cleaning System provides the following benefits:

      • Modular Approach- System easily expands to fit any size plenum

      • Design Flexibility - UV bank and PCO filter bank are separated

      • Easy to Install, Retrofit and Service

      • Negligible pressure drop

      • Triple Air Cleaning

              o Germicidal UV disinfection for coil/air stream disinfection for bacteria, virus & mold

              o PCO for VOC removal

              o Activated carbon for high concentration gaseous pollutants

21” V MAX GRID Lamp Module: 120 VAC .45 A 240 VAC .20 A

33” V MAX GRID Lamp Module: 120 VAC .75 A 240 VAC .40 A

61” V MAX GRID Lamp Module: 120 VAC 1.30 A 240 VAC .60 A

The PCO filter panels are made of aluminum honeycomb construction impregnated with a proprietary coating of titanium dioxide catalyst
The activated carbon filter is preferably a 1” thick BPS Lite™ filter which housed in the same filter holding frame as the PCO
Rated for temperature 30F to 150 F (4C to 57C)
Up to 95% non-condensing

Regulatory approvals:

ETL listed to UL/Canadian standards:

UL 1598/CSA 22.2 250?UL

1995/CSA 22.2 236?UL

153/CSA 22.2 12 for category ABQK (Air Duct Mounted Accessories)