The UVDI Family of Products


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V-STRIKE delivers UVC energy through a supported lamp design, allowing for maximum flexibility in systems of up to 10 tons as either a side-mount or top-mount fixture. 

V-STRIKE installs easily into both "through the wall" or "roof-top" designs and can be used used in a open environment because the housing is virtually weather proof built and NEMA rated. 

V-STRIKE is an easy to install UVGI/UV-C system that will improve the performance and clean air delivery of your current HVAC system.

  • Waterproof NEMA 3 design for  outdoor locations.
  • Heavy gauge steel, tamper-resistant enclosure.
  • Installs easily and safely into "through the wall" and "rooftop" units up to 10 tons.
  • Maintains AHU capacity to optimal operating condition with near original equipment capacities.
  • Lowers energy costs for most systems.
  • Reduces costly maintenance and cleaning programs.
  • With short paybacks, the V-Strike has one of the lowest ownership costs in the industry.
  • Improves indoor air quality by destroying surface microbes that grow into mold and bacteria.
  • UV has proven effectiveness on tuberculosis (TB), Legionella pneumophila (Legionnaire's disease), and other infectious bacteria.
  • Produces no ozone, gases, or other noxious fumes - will not harm building occupants, equipment or furnishings.
  • Fixtures are UL/C-UL Listed under Category Code ABQK (Accessories, Air Duct Mounted), UL Standards: 153, 1598 and 1995 respectively.
  • One year warranty on both the fixture and the lamp.
  • Replace lamps just once a year.  Lamp change-out can take less than 5 minutes.


The UVC lamp and fixture are factory assembled and tested. They consist of a housing, power source, lamp sockets and a UV lamp. All components are constructed to withstand typical HVAC environments. They are UL/C-UL Listed under category Code ABQK (Accessories, Air Duct Mounted), UL Standards: 153, 1598 and 1995.

The housing is constructed of type 16 gauge, powder-coated steel and is equipped with 3/4" electrical knockouts on all accessible sides to facilitate wiring to A/C power. Fixtures may be used as side (XS) or top (XT) mount as required or as shown on the plans. Each fixture incorporates all components into one integral assembly that maximizes service-ability.  Fixtures shall be designed to be mounted outdoors or where necessary.

The power source is an electronic, high frequency, rapid-start type with overload protection.  Its standard power switching capability allows for 120/240Vac wiring and is designed to maximize photon production, radiance and reliability and shall be UL/C-UL Listed for temperatures of 55-135° F. It includes exclusive RF and EMI suppression.

UV Lamps and Mounting: The UV lamps are mounted in a sturdy and easy to handle assembly which mounts quickly (1/2) turn into a specially designed socket within the enclosure. An integral plug provides power. This provides a very sturdy mount that allows for quick lamp changes.

UV lamp and connector are integrated into one unit that includes a steel support to protect the lamp before, during and after its installation and operation. The bayonet style lamp includes a rotational mounting and locking conector knob ( with light pipe ) that accepts lamp power via a safety plug from the power source. The lamps 0 medium bi-pin type for the VS-32-T5 and VS-28-T5. The VS-15-PLL type is a bi-axial, T5 diameter twin-tube type. Both lamps have their pins isolated from the air stream. Each achieves the specified output at 500 fpm in air temperatures of 55-135° F. They produce no ozone or other secondary contamination.

Independent Testing: ALTRU-V systems have been independently tested to verify conformance to UL/C-UL Listed under category Code ABQK (Accessories, Air Duct Mounted), UL Standards: 153, 1598 and 1995.