The UVDI Family of Products


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V-RES 36 delivers extreme UV cleaning power and is clinically proven to kill bacteria, molds, viruses and pathogens on or near the coil surfaces. Standard features include a safety switch to ensure no accidental UVC exposure and 36 watt bulb guaranteed for 1 year.  Mathematically modeled application software validates the system to provide 99.99% kill of Influenza A virus within one hour with standard home re-circulation systems.

V-RES 60  delivers maximum UV cleaning powert with a powerful 60 watt UV bulb killing bacteria, molds, and viruses on coil surfaces as well as in the airstream.



  • Visual Indication of ‘Power On.'
  • Systems are the easiest to install and fit in almost all residential HVAC systems.
  • Mounting base includes safety switch which is activated only when the unit is safely mounted on the outside of the duct.
  • Fully tested to all applicable electrical codes and fire standards including ETL certification against applicable UL standards.
  • Product is designed for ease of installation and maximum safety.

120 VAC INPUT, 60 Hz or 230 VAC Input, 50 Hz
Lamp – PL-L 36 W or PL-L 60 W (biaxial)
Footprint size 3.5” (H) X 4.5” (W) X 6.0” (L)

Tested for structural integrity for air flows from 200 TO 1200 FPM
Designed for typical air flow of 250 – 500 FPM
Constructed of UVC resistant materials and only of the lightest weight material available
1 year bulb life (9,000 hours)
Lowest available mercury content for ease of disposal (5.5 mg)
1500 On/Off Cycles per lamp
Ballast has auto re-strike feature and thermal protection
Kills Aspergillus Niger I < 3 Hours (continuous exposure) on coils

Kills Serratia Marcescens > 90% (1 st pass) @ 500 FPM
Maximum pressure drop of 0.10 inches of water @ 350 FPM
Dripping of condensate in system will not affect lamp performance
Ambient air temperature range: 50 – 120 F
Typical duct air temperature range: 40 – 130 F

ETL Listed